Established in 2009, AguaDulce International LLC has recently relocated to modern, spacious offices, in Weston / Florida, with a loyal  hardworking staff who provide a full range of services including reception/shipping  and documentation/bookkeeping

Because of the extensive range of suppliers and customers worldwide it serves, AguaDulce International LLC has constant exposure to developing market trends/technology.  This, combined with the company’s present export knowledge, ensures that quality control, export documentation and shipments are of the highest order.  It guarantees that goods are bought from first class suppliers, the best possible prices are obtained and the quickest possible delivery is guaranteed whether it be within America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

AguaDulce International LLC deals with one of the most modern and serious banks in South Florida – INTERAUDI BANK

AguaDulce International LLC is content to remain at its present size, ensuring personalized services for every customer and concentrating on the provision of top quality products for its export market.  Versatile, flexible, mobile and highly customer focused, the company is well equipped and is always willing to embrace new products. Overseas inquiries from large and small business enterprises are welcome, and a response is assured within 24hours.

Our Products

About Us

Our main activity is the sale of pulses, like all dried edible beans, green peas, chickpeas, popcorn, groundnuts,  prunes.

We source our products with producers with high processing capacity and expertise in all the major areas of production, Aguadulce is able to supply excelent quality, service and information to all our customers  the world.

At the grower level, Aguadulce International  enters into pre-production agreements, contracting with farmers prior to planting. Our own people take care of whole production cycle from planting to silo.

AguaDulce International also originates raw material on the open market after harvest as well as ready processed graded and bagged goods.

Custom processing is undertaken at a number of carefully selected facilities. Manual, mechanical and electronic processes are used to sort, size and clean the products with the highest standards.

AguaDulce International sells and ships bagged processed products to importers, wholesalers, packers and foodstuff manufacturers in over 50 countries around the world.

AguaDulce International also works to procure and deliver the lowest cost supplies combining high standards of efficiency with aggressive and competitive prices.